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For Control Burns, contact the Parker County Fire Marshal

at 817-598-0969

After The Fire...

A fire can be one of the most tragic events in your life. Often when a fire strikes,
the hardest part is knowing where to begin the recovery process of your home. 

We have gathered the following information to assist you in this time of need. We want to help reduce your fire losses. If you cannot find the help you need, call the ESD at 817-523-7598 and we will make every effort to assist you in locating the appropriate individual or agency who can help.

Parker County ESD #1 is a professional organization continually seeking opportunities to serve our community through fire prevention, emergency operations, patient care and excellent customer service. We are committed to be a superior emergency service organization that continually improves the quality of service delivered to our customers, the citizens of Aledo, The Anettas, Springtown, Peaster, Silvercreek, LaJunta, and surrounding cities.

It is our privilege to serve you,
Parker County ESD #1

Protecting Yourself

We know you are anxious to inspect the damage and, if possible, begin salvaging your
belongings. Our primary responsibility is to protect you from possible injury and to provide
for your safety. So please be aware of the unseen hazards present such as structural damage,
damaged utilities, toxic hazards or airborne contaminants.

Babies and small children, the elderly, pregnant women, individuals with respiratory diseases
(asthma, emphysema etc.) may be especially sensitive to contaminants and/or sooty deposits
which may be present after the fire.

Exposure to toxic gases produced in fires as well as certain particles, such as asbestos
fibers used in some building materials, have been shown to increase the risk of certain
types of cancer.

In most cases, it is both safer and quicker to let your insurance agency handle the necessary
cleanup and renovation of your property. They can schedule the needed repairs with
skilled professionals who are specialists in fire and water damage repairs. These professionals
know the possible hazards and have the equipment necessary to deal with them.


The First 24 Hours

Engine48doorAfter the fire is out, certain firefighting and rescue techniques may appear unnecessary. However,
lives could be lost and buildings could suffer total destruction without these methods.

Since fires produce temperatures over 1200 degrees Fahrenheit, ventilation of the building is
necessary to eliminate heat, smoke and hot gases. This must be done quickly so firefighters
can enter the structure to extinguish the fire and rescue any occupants. Walls are also forced
open to search for hidden fires which must be done to ensure complete fire extinguishment.

  • Contact your insurance agent as soon as possible. Your agent will be able to help you arrange
    for immediate repairs. If you cannot reach your agent or have no insurance, you may
    wish to obtain professional assistance. Fire and water damage restoration firms are listed in
    the yellow pages.

  • After Fire Department personnel leave, the building becomes your responsibility. If possible,
    the firefighters may secure doors and windows against unauthorized entry. The final responsibility
    does, however, lie with the owner.

  • If you are a tenant however, contact the resident manager, the owner or the owner’s
    insurance agent. It is the owner’s responsibility to prevent further loss to the building.


If your home is insured, give notice of the damage immediately. You can do this by contacting
your insurance agent. Once in contact with your agent, ask them to meet you immediately at
the site of your fire and if possible, arrange a meeting with a claims adjuster as well. Ask your
agent to bring a copy of your policy and be sure to confirm in detail the content of your policy

Some insurance companies may require the policyholder to make an inventory of damaged personal
property showing, in detail, the quantity, description and how much was paid for the items.
Another important item on your to-do list is to file a claim in writing with your insurance company.

This must be done within 60 to 90 days of the fire. Check with your insurance company
regarding any deadlines.

This general statement should include the date, time and cause of the loss. Other important items
that are helpful to include in this general statement are the names and addresses of anyone who
has a legal interest in your property such as mortgage/lienholders and completed inventory as
specified by your insurance company.

After your claim is approved, your insurance company may pay in several ways. Once you have
submitted your formal statement of loss, the insurance company generally has up to 60 days to
pay the claim. Depending on your coverage, some portions of your payment may be delayed.


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