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 ESD Handbook

Appointment of ESD Commissioners

Once an ESD has been created, ESD Commissioners are appointed by the county commissioners court oversee the operations and administration of the district. (See, §§ 775.034, Texas Health and Safety Code)

Terms of Service

After an ESD in a single county is created, the county commissioners appoint five

individuals who shall serve as the Board of Emergency Services Commissioners of the District until January 1 of the year following the election creating the district. On that date, the Court will appoint three (3) of the ESD commissioners to serve 2-­year terms and two (2) ESD commissioners to serve 1-­year terms, thereby creating staggered terms for the Board.  Thereafter, on January 1 of each year, the commissioners�� court will either re-­appoint the commissioners whose terms have expired or appoint new commissioners to replace those commissioners whose terms have expired.


Those interested in becoming an ESD commissioner must:

�� Be 18 years of age;;

�� Be a resident of the state;;

�� Be a qualified voter within the ESD and owner of land subject to taxation in the ESD;; and, these candidates may possess knowledge of fire prevention or emergency medical services. See, §§ 775.034, Texas Health and Safety Code.


ESD Board Commissioners are required to complete annual training objectives in

various aspects pertaining to their respomsilbilities to the district and the taxpayers.


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