Fire Engines

Parker County ESD 1 operates a total of eight (8) frontline fire engines and three (3) reserve fire engines. These engines are equipped with 750 gallons of water, 1500 gallons-per-minute pump, compressed foam system, and more. They were built by Pierce Manufacturing in Appleton, Wisconsin.

Brush Trucks

The department also maintains a fleet of fourteen (14) brush trucks and two (2) reserve brush trucks. These brush trucks respond to grass fires across the county. They are lighter and more versatile than the fire engines, allowing them to go off road and take water directly to the fire.

Water Tankers

Firefighters also have seven (7) tankers on the ready to respond to grass fires and other fires that require a large water source. The tankers carry thousands of gallons of water and include hose lines and a pump for fire suppression necessities. Two of the tankers shown here are staffed, meaning personnel are always available to respond with these trucks.

Command Vehicle

The on-duty Battalion Chief vehicle responds to all major incidents, such as major crashes and structure fires, to command the incident. The command’s responsibilities include keeping a record of all firefighter activities on the scene and provide direction as to strategy and tactics to keep all personnel safe.

Parker County ESD 1 contracts with LifeCare EMS to provide pre-hospital emergency care to our residents and visitors. Our firefighters respond with LifeCare EMS to all emergency scenes where medical services may need to be provided. LifeCare EMS has stations across Parker County. For more about LifeCare EMS, click here.